Rocksmith Guitars is a Custom Hand Crafted Guitar Shop in Iowa, where we practice the art of Luthierie. We specialize in custom guitars and basses that are hand crafted and built to your specs, with no limitations. We only use the finest materials available in our Custom Hand Crafted instruments. We strive to create the most unique instruments you can put your hands on. Every custom guitar and bass is uniquely made to be a one of a kind instrument that you and you alone will own. Even if you best friend wants the same custom guitar or bass his will be made intentionally different than yours. Thus, ensuring that your custom guitar or bass will be a one of a kind instrument.


All instruments are 100% MADE in the USA completely made by hand with no CNC or other automated manufacturing process. The finishing process on our custom guitars and basses is also done exclusively by hand. By building these fine custom hand crafted guitars in this manner we can ensure the highest quality in a custom built instrument! As guitar builders or luthiers we strive for something that is harder and harder to attain which is uniqueness. In a market place that is flooded with products mass produced to sell at low prices, Rocksmith Guitars strives to achieve and set high quality and standards for our custom guitars and basses. Each custom guitar or bass is built to these high standards in pursuit of the ultimate Guitar or Bass. We thank you for your interest in our hand crafted instruments and hope we can serve you in your quest for the ultimate Guitar or Bass!


Sincerely ,
Mike Smith
Owner of
Rocksmith Guitars

Last updated : 7/8/2008

Rocksmith Guitars
109 National Dr. #201
Huxley, Iowa 50124



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